It is almost that time again. Baby boy will be making an appearance any day now through induction. Getting one’s hospital bag is of course an essential part of the prep in welcoming the baby.

Because this is the second time I’m doing this (15 months age gap), I have found it a lot easier this time round to sort out my life and ensure that all is ready for baby’s arrival than I did the first time so I thought I’d share:

For Baby:

– sleepsuits – because child birth is one of the most unpredictable things and sometimes you just don’t know how long you may stay in hospital…or how many accidents your newborn will have, I’d suggest packing 5-7. Baby vests too.

– Nappies and wipes – I hear newborns can use 10-12 of these a day…so.

– Blanket – I’ve found that hospital s are generally warm/hot but new born babies are still need that extra bit of layer.

– Hats and mittens – especially useful in colder weather.

– Muslins – easy to forget but baby will need this when bringing up milk also when putting them over your shoulder for a burp.

– Carseat – if you wanna leave the hospital at some point, it will be best to not forget to bring the car seat.

For Mama:

– nightdress/pyjamas – something old to wear during labour and also after. Dark colours are best in case of stain.

– Nightgown – especially useful when going to the toilet or to cover yourself when visitors come.

– Slippers and socks – to walk about with and in case your feet get cold.

– Pillows – because hospital pillows may not be as comfortable and it’s nice to have something from home.

– Birth ball – mine came in handy during my pregnancy as I have been suffering from sciatica but this is also great for when in labour as it allows you to move about rather than just be stuck in bed.

– Digitals – this includes your mobile phone and the charger. Don’t forget the charger! Can also include a camera and a small sound system to play music.

– Nursing bras, maternity pads and breast pads – labour is disgusting. After labour is even worse. You will thank God for those maternity pads. Not to forget leaky breasts.

– Toiletries – very much needed as you sweat A LOT after birth. Best to get the travel versions to save space.

– Snacks – because labour is known to last hours….or days sometimes. A mama’s gotta eat.

There you have it. I know that a lot of mamas, especially first timers struggle with what to include in their bag. I hope this post gives an idea of what to include. Of course the list is flexible and can be tailored to suit the individual mum.



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